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Le 2018-02-21

Sevilla FC v Manchester United FC (3.1)
Shakhtar Donetsk v AS Roma (3.2)

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Pronostic Pro analyzes all UEFA.com matches. Each referenced team is analyzed to obtain as much statistics as possible on the profile and performance of the team. Our algorithms based on mathematical probabilities determine the best possible prediction of a football game thanks to the collected data.


Succes rate : 59.21%

The success rate of our prediction algorithm is 59.21% : 376 tips won on 635 analyzed matches.

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Competitions analyzed

Below is the list of competitions analyzed by Pronostic Pro with statistics for each competition and the predictions of the matches.

Premier League 2017/18

Best attack : Man City (79 Goal)
Best defense : Man United (19 Goal)

Ligue 1 2017/18

Best attack : Paris SG (81 Goal)
Best defense : Paris SG (19 Goal)

Bundesliga 1 2017/18

Best attack : Dortmund (48 Goal)
Best defense : Bayern (1 Goal)

Serie A 2017/18

Best attack : Juventus (62 Goal)
Best defense : Juventus (15 Goal)

LaLiga 2017/18

Best attack : Barcelona (61 Goal)
Best defense : Ath Madrid (9 Goal)

Champions League 2017/18

Best attack : Liverpool (28 Goal)
Best defense : Barcelona (1 Goal)


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Our application analyzes all matches of UEFA football clubs in order to obtain the maximum of statistics on each team. Thanks to this database we can propose the prediction of our calculation algorithms.

Footbet offers a prognosis based on mathematical probabilities and can not in any case know precisely the result of a football match. This site aims to help all gamblers want to access a reliable and free prediction. Our goal is to propose the best football prediction possible, your opinion interests us. If you have ideas to improve footbet send us your suggestions by email to admin@Pronostic.Pro

If you want to participate in the project FootBet as a writer, developer, graphic designer or even a simple football fan contact the admin. For any other questions or request please also contact me at this address.

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